Winter is coming… and it’s not the White Walkers we’re afraid of. It’s something equally horrifying: pests.

It’s a given fact that when the temperatures begin to drop, they will head straight to your Des Moines, Iowa homes. Even if you think your house is clean to the corners of corners, they will still find a spot to make their home. You better watch out for these common pests!

Here are 5 common pests in Des Moines, Iowa to keep an eye on this winter:

1. Cluster Flies

During any other seasons, it’s very rare to see a few flies inside your home. But in the winter, if you see flies around your house, it’s most likely a Cluster fly.

Here are some characteristics of a Cluster fly that can help you distinguish them:

  • Cluster flies have silvery black color
  • They move slowly and somewhat sluggish
  • They are grouped by the windows and attics
  • Their wings overlap

2. Rats

In Des Moines, Iowa, the most common type of rats homeowners find is the Norway rats. Rats carry with them a lot of virus and diseases.

Rats have brown fur, long tails and small ears. They measure about 16″ long and weigh about 7 to 18 ounces. Rats can be found in all crawl spaces, in kitchen, and behind your walls.

3. German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are brown in color and have black stripes behind their heads. They also give out a certain odor, especially when a large number of population is present, as they are known to release odorous compounds. As adults, they can survive anywhere for 100 to 200 days.

These pests can be seen in your home all throughout the winter season. Like rats, they bring a lot of virus and diseases into your home. German cockroaches are pretty common in Des Moines, Iowa and no room that has moisture can hide from these little bugs..

4. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually tuck in items such as furniture, towels, and clothings. They have brown, oval bodies and are usually 1/8-inch long.

Fortunately, bed bugs are not known to have the ability to transmit or spread diseases. However, their bites can give you red, swollen, and itchy skin. Although not painful, frequent feeding may cause your skin distress and may affect your sleeping pattern.

5. Bats

Bats can usually be found in attics or basements during the winter season. Due to the cold weather, bats often look for a warm and safe place to rest (meaning your own home!). We’ve seen a lot of bats inside Des Moines, Iowa homes — especially during winter.

Bats are brown, black, or tan in color and can have a wingspan of six inches up to a whooping five feet.

Have You Checked Your Home For These Pests?

It’s a great idea to check your home for these 5 common pests during winter. They are often easy to find since most of them make noises and leave droppings and marks inside your home. A pest-free home in Des Moines, Iowa is a happy one!