It’s a known fact that bed bugs like to feed on human blood. They’re really tiny insects that are disgusting and scary at the same time (well, at least for some people). But we bet you didn’t know these facts about bed bugs…

You should since homes near Des Moines, Iowa are prone to bed bug infestations.

1. Bed bugs are so tiny that a U.S. penny looks huge beside them!

Bed bugs, on average, are about 1.5mm in length. Compared to a U.S. penny (in the photo above), bed bugs are really really tiny. This is a reason why they’re pretty hard to spot and to deal with.
But some bed bugs can grow as long as 9mm. Imagine the horror when you see a 9mm bed bug!
2. Bed bugs just love staying near their host 
Bed bugs are known to travel long distances just to be near their hosts. Due to their very tiny size, you wouldn’t even notice if you’re carrying one yourself. Pretty scary fact when you think of it…
3. Bed bugs feed at night (when you’re asleep) and hide during the day
Let’s face it. No matter how much of a light sleeper you are, you’d never feel a bed bug sucking on your blood while you sleep. That’s why bed bugs love staying anywhere near your bedroom and hide during the day. At night though, they’d crawl far distances just to reach you…
Common hiding places for bed bugs include:
  • Seams in mattresses and box springs
  • Cracks in bed frames
  • Under loose wallpaper
  • Behind picture frames
  • Inside furniture and upholstery
4. Bed bugs go through five nymph stages — each requiring a blood meal!
Bed bugs, as you know, feed on human blood. They need blood to complete their life cycle which is composed of five nymph stages. Also, female bed bugs need blood meals in order to reproduce.
These nasty little creatures use piercing mouthparts to gain access to blood and most people develop swellings when bitten by a bed bug. This is just an allergic reaction to the saliva the bugs release as they feed. Lucky for us, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases to humans — but that’s the only positive thing about them.
This fact alone can change the way you see bed bugs forever… That’s why we hate bed bugs. They’re pretty common in Des Moines, Iowa too!

5. Bed bugs can survive 80 – 140 days without food 

But bed bugs that are in the older stages can survive even longer without feeding on blood. Adults are known to survive as long as 550 days without food — that’s around a year and a half! Can you believe that?

Bed bugs usually feed for 3 to 12 minutes and can take as much as six times their weight.

Worried that your home in Des Moines, Iowa is infested with bed bugs?

Truth be told, these can really be bad for your health — and who likes their blood getting sucked while they sleep?

If you’re looking for a pest control company to handle your bed bug problems, you can contact us today! Our treatment method is proven safe and effective. We’ll make sure that no bed bugs remain after treating your home.