Mice are tiny invaders of our homes that spread disease by urine and by their feces. They also leave a trail of extensive damage when they put their teeth to something, which, by the way, is no joke.

In Des Moines, Iowa this seems to create some problem for the residents. Having a mice-infested home isn’t exactly healthy and you wouldn’t like everyone in your household screaming “Ah! There’s a mouse!”

But, the thing is, not everyone wants to use the traditional trap. Yeah, it sure is effective but most people see it as a pretty cruel way of getting rid of mice.

So, here are some of ways that you can employ to get rid of mice in your home:


1. Seal entries and exits

Prior to engaging in the control of mice, it is necessary to identify the entry and the exit sites in the house. Look around the foundations of your house and block all the cracks and crevices. You can block the holes with green scrubber pads. You can also stick steel wool in the holes, which would give these tiny creatures a really hard time entering your house.


2. Trap them 

You don’t always need to use killing traps in your homes. There are live traps and glue traps available now that can catch these little critters. But they need to be placed properly and the homeowner has to dispose of the rats.

If you are a person with a strong heart, you can always use the traditional tortuous braid traps using peanut butter or bacon grease. Nowadays, we also have electric traps that electrocute the critters. The choice is yours!


3. Use natural remedies

Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent that can be used in houses to deter mice. The smell is so intense for the rodents that they won’t get near it. Soak a couple of cotton balls with peppermint oil and then place them in front of all the entry points of mice in the house that you are not able to block physically. You can also place tubs of kitty litter around the house.

The mice will sniff the smell of cat waste and run away. Snake poo is also effective in a similar manner and can be obtained from any local reptile center or the zoo.


4. You can also use mice repellents

In Des Moines, Iowa mice repellents are easy to obtain. They can be in the form of pills or organic solutions.

But all such materials should be kept away from children and pets as they can be harmful to humans and other animals. Organic solutions are not that cost effective for large areas.


5. Or buy a cat

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to buy a cat that will chase all these tiny creatures off and leave you alone!


6. Prevention is still the best solution 

Des Moines, Iowa has a humid climate and that’s why mice try and get comfy in all nooks and crannies of the houses. By keeping your kitchen crumb-free and clean, there is no reason for them to hang around in your house.

All food should be stored in containers that are airtight. Garbage bins should also be covered and tightly shut with lids.