All homeowners face the common problem of having pests in their homes. But the pest control methods you used last season may not be as effective this summer. No matter how clean your home may be and how much you try to eliminate some pests, professional pest control in Des Moines, Iowa may be the only solution.

We’ve gathered the best pest control tips this summer specifically for homes in Des Moines, Iowa. Save yourself from any headache and make your home a pest-free one!

Common Pests in Des Moines, Iowa This Summer

The heat of summer would make a lot of pests go out of their hiding places in search for food and shelter. Almost every pest will be moving out of their overwintering spots and it’s something that should alarm you as a homeowner.

Below are the common pests that you may find in your home this summer:

Subterranean termites

As the weather gets warmer, subterranean termites will come out in search of new structures where they can start building or rather rebuilding their colonies.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are abundant during summer and have almost the same behaviour as the termites. Both live in large colonies and will silently destroy your homes as they build their nests and dig tunnels inside them.


Each summer brings with it hordes of biting mosquitoes that are not only a nuisance but may also carry diseases like malaria, Zika or dengue depending on which species they are.


Other than chewing on your stuff, rats can potentially carry fleas and diseases into your home. Not really healthy to have them around!


Bats usually born during the springtime start taking flight during summer and may mistakenly fly into your garage, kitchen or attics. Did we mention that they usually carry the rabies virus?

Pest Control Tips for Your Home in Des Moines, Iowa

We all know that it’s way harder to remove the pests mentioned above when they’ve already settled into your home. Homeowners would really feel the need to get rid of them as soon as possible — for the health of everyone in the household. The good news is that you can prevent these pests from invading your home this summer!

Here are effective tips to prevent those nasty pests from invading your home:

  • Repair and replace any possible (big and small) entryway into your home
  • Make sure that your kitchen is always clean
  • Store your food in sealed containers
  • Eliminate standing water that may breed mosquitoes
  • Seal any holes inside your home
  • Prevent moisture in your basement and attic
  • Dispose of your garbage daily and never let garbage compile
  • Wash dirty dishes as soon as possible
  • Never store firewood and building materials up against the home
  • Never leave your food unattended for long hours

It’s also wise to seek pest control services in Des Moines, Iowa — especially if pests are already inside your home. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to live side by side with these nasty pests for the whole summer!

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