Mice are common household pests in Des Moines, Iowa homes. Truth be told, every house risks being infested with mice – they seem to come out of nowhere. What’s even worse is that mice reproduce at a rapid rate!

This is why you should figure out if you have mice in your home as soon as possible. Spotting mice in your home before they start reproducing makes it easier to remove them – use our proven ways to tell if you have mice in your home!

3 Easy Ways to Tell if You Have Mice in Your Home in Des Moines

  1. Check for debris

Walk around your home. If you happen to notice debris (especially food debris) then you probably have a mouse problem. Sometimes debris may be caused by the people you’re living with but try to notice any debris that might have been caused by mice.

Also, check your kitchen. This is the place where mice love to go to. You might find holes in pantry food, dog food, etc. If you do see tiny holes, keep your food elsewhere, there’s probably mice in your home.

  1. Strange sounds

Mice are not really quiet – that’s why they’re easier to spot than other household pests. If you happen to hear scratching or “pitter-patter” sounds coming from the walls or ceiling of your home, high chances are mice cause them.

This helps you figure out where mice are nesting in your home too! Just don’t deal with them without proper pest control knowledge.

  1. Feces and urine 

Probably the most obvious way to tell if you have mice in your home. Feces and urine are concrete signs that mice are nesting in your home. These are pretty smelly and the smell is hazardous for your health (mice go to very dirty places and consume dirty food).

But, what do their feces look like? Mouse droppings are little oblong pellets that have a foul smell. These are really disgusting and are usually scattered throughout your home.

On the other hand, urine is harder to spot. You can only see their urine through black light but the harsh odor should be easier to detect. Trust us, you wouldn’t like the smell.

Make sure to clean up any feces and urine before figuring out how to deal with the annoying pests in your home.

Have You Figured Out if You Have Mice in Your Home?

Are you 100% sure that mice are living in your home? Mice are hard to control due to their (usually) large number and survival feats. Only pest control experts would be able to deal completely with your mouse problem.

If you live in Des Moines, Iowa, you can contact us to remove those unwanted guests inside your house. We don’t just deal with mice though; we also help residents deal with cockroaches, bed bugs, bats, and more!

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