Termites are nasty little creatures that can bring you tons of problems in your daily life. On average, termites are known to cause billions of dollars in damages annually – a shocking statistic indeed! If you’re one of the many people that are ignorant of how termites can damage their own home, then we recommend that you read this whole article.

Termites Feed on Wood

Yes, people commonly know termites as insects that feed on wood. But did you know that they can also damage important paper documents, books, insulations, filtration systems, and such?

Most furniture nowadays are made of wood – not to mention doors, walls, and other structures in your home. Replacing wooden furniture is very costly and most people wouldn’t have the luxury to replace damaged furniture immediately.

Your home is an investment. Letting tiny little bugs chew on your prized possession isn’t wise, this is why you must always inspect your home for signs of termites. Below are some signs that would tell you if your home is infested with termites:

• A swarm of little bugs (with wings) inside our around your home
• Cracks or bubbles in your wall paint
• Termite droppings
• Hollow wood (try tapping to see if the wood is hollow)
• Mud tubes (long paths that are brown in color and made of mud)
• Damaged wood or wooden furniture

Preventing a Termite Infestation

Though a termite infestation is difficult to eliminate, you can always prevent a termite infestation from happening. Yes, all of the tips can be done with no professional assistance whatsoever – eliminating a present termite infestation is a different thing though.

Below are two simple but effective ways:

• Eliminate moisture in your house
• Leaking faucets, appliances, and such are the main cause of a termite infestation
• Get rid of standing water in pots, your roof, etc.
• Make sure that vents are clear and open to the air
• Seal pipes and water utility lines
• Remove food sources
• Firewood, lumber, and paper should be kept on higher ground
• Tree stumps and excess wood should be moved far from the house
• Screens on outside vents help too

Calling Termite Pest Control in Des Moines

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