The winter weather is more destructive than most people think – due to the massive home invasion of different kinds of pests. You’ve been preventing these pests all year round but many still find a way into your house during winter. Why do pests invade homes during the winter season?

Well, the answer is pretty simple:

Pests, like humans, can barely survive living in a cold environment.

Winter has come and this means that everything’s cold outdoors. The chilling temperature outdoors and the various weather conditions are barely survivable to us, human beings. Considering this, how do you think pests would be able to tolerate an environment that even we can barely survive on?

Pests Will Harm Your Household During Winter

In order to survive, pests would normally seek warmth and shelter – making your home the perfect, and the most obvious, place for pests to go to. Trust us, pests can really harm your home.

Below are some of the harmful effects that pests can cause during the wintery weather:

  1. Due to snow piling up outside, rodents will do anything to warm themselves inside your house. These pests can squeeze through tiny cracks – where small wires and pipes are usually contained – and this means electrical or structural damage to your house, especially when a great number of rodents try to seek shelter.
  1. Ice dams can also be a big problem since this usually brings in moisture to your walls, ceilings, and such. This is also very bad for your house since this attracts pests that live on moisture such as carpenter ants and many microorganisms.
  1. The cold wind can also damage your roof. Small cracks on your roof can allow bats and raccoons easy access to your home. This is why it’s critical to check for any roof damages during the wintery weather.

As you can see, the winter weather poses a great threat to your home. No single household is completely safe without proper inspection and pest control. These are reasons why many households do everything that they can to prevent pests from invading their home.

In order to control pests during winter, most people would try to:

  • Keep their house clean
  • Clean the gutters
  • Check for any signs of leakages
  • Move wood and leaf piles away from their house
  • Seal entryways

Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Winter Season

A pest-free home this winter season will save you a lot of headaches. Aside from the several damages pests can bring to your house, pests are also known to spread diseases – risking the health of your family. These reasons are more than enough to make every family focus on pest control during the wintery weather.

Have you inspected your home already? Make sure that you’re doing everything to keep those annoying pests away during the cold weather. Pests are really hard to handle and, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll handle the pests in your home!