Wildlife Removal

Paul’s AAA Pest Control offers nuisance and pest wildlife trapping and removal services. Some wildlife that we deal with regularly include:


They might look cute but raccoons are one of the most commonly dealt with pest wildlife animals in the Des Moines area. They can cause enormous amounts of damage to roofs, offsets, attics, and chimneys. Raccoons can become aggressive if they have babies and often carry rabies and other diseases.


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Like raccoons, squirrels also can cause quite a bit of damage. The biggest damage concern with squirrels are house fires. They like to gnaw on hard surfaces and electrical wiring. They often enter attics in the cold months looking for a warm and safe place to spend winter. If one gets inside, you can expect more to follow.


Bird removal services are similar to bat removal services and can include sealing of the home. Bird nests are removed as well as all holes sealed to prevent entry. Attics can be cleaned and nesting removed if possible. Some roofing repairs may need to be completed by a licensed roofing company.


House mice are small about 3-4″ in length, they can be brown or gray in color. House mice need only about 1/4″ gaps in homes to enter a structure. They prefer to feed on grains and seeds. Both mice and rats have been shown to transmit harmful diseases and allergens.

Norway Rats are the most prolific rat in the world and can be up to 12″ long, gray, black or brown in color. Rats are known to carry many diseases as well as fleas. Rats generally require gaps no larger than a quarter to enter a structure.

Prevention is the first step in defeating this pest. First steps include assuring that cracks in your foundation are sealed. Other locations to check out include your dryer vent, kitchen exhaust fans, under decks and steps, and where the siding of your home meets the foundation. Each of these areas provides a possible entry point for the common house mouse. Additionally, keeping wood piles stored off the ground and away from your home is easy proactive approach.


Bats may enter a structure in openings as little as 3/4 of an inch. It is illegal to kill bats as some species are endangered and bat populations are very beneficial to control mosquitoes. Check out our bat removal page for more information.


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Our Wildlife Removal Process

Our process varies greatly depending on the type of wildlife we are dealing with. In most cases, we will inspect the premises to determine any entrance areas and then seal small gaps as necessary.

Additionally, baiting and live trapping are effective methods to eradicate any existing pest wildlife from the structure. Traps are checked on a daily basis and if traps cannot be checked every 24 hours, they are closed. Trapping jobs are always unique so please contact us with your situation and we can provide you with a free estimate.

Do you have wildlife becoming a nuisance?

These are just some of the pest wildlife animals that we can assist with so please contact us for a free estimate and information on how we can best take care of your specific wildlife issue.


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