As the saying goes, winter is coming. Considering the vacation, those furry sweaters and cozy blankets, not to mention all the coffee, hot chocolate, and food you’re going to consume, it might not be so bad.

With all the relaxation you have in mind to do, have you thought about pest control? If not, well, you should. You don’t want to sit around and worry about pests going around inside your house.

“Rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States every winter,” says Missy Henriksen, an NPMA spokesperson. “But with many places already experiencing cold weather conditions, it is important to be proactive and vigilant in preventing these pests from becoming unwelcome house guests.”

Rodents bring inside your home all sorts of diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Lassa fever, among others. Not to mention, getting rid of them is expensive; on average, Americans spend $4 billion a year getting rid of them.

So here are cheap ways to get rid of disease-carrying rodents:

  1. Make sure that your house is clean, always.
    This is the first thing you’d want to do. As we all know, pests like houses that aren’t kept clean. The next tips will be useless if you won’t do this so make sure you do some “spring-cleaning” just in time.
  2. Check for any signs leakage.
    Keep in mind that water is just as important to pests as it is for humans. Water accumulation will surely get pests attracted to your home and that’s the last thing you want to do. So make sure you check the pipes in your bathrooms, kitchen, attic, and basement.
  3. Clean the gutters.
    After the fall, it’s very likely that your gutters have accumulated leaves, gutters, and other dirt. Prepare your gutters for the coming winter by cleaning them. This will make your house less vulnerable and less attractive to the rodents.
  4. Put some distance between your home and your wood and leaf piles.
    Winter is coming and, of course, you’d want some heat inside your house. We all know that wood is home to termites so if you are keeping your wood piles inside your property, make sure that there is at least twenty feet between your house and your piles. Also, don’t bring wood inside your house unless you are ready to burn it as you might already be bringing pests inside your own home by doing that.
  5. Seal the entryways.
    Go around, check the corners of the house, and look for possible entryways like holes and gaps. Put protective sealant and other stops to make sure that the house that the house is protected from unwelcomed guests who want to get inside your house. Don’t just sweat the small entryways; check your windows and doors, too.

Home maintenance issues can ruin your vacation. Don’t let it add to the headache that is gift-giving and preparing for Christmas. Remember that keeping your house clean is the key to prevent pests. Start getting ready for winter and give yourself one less headache.